Use & Embed Icons into Your Website with HTML & CSS tricks – udemy $1 coupon

749080_23f4_3Learn the internal tricks to use HTML libraries for inserting mobile responsive icons for your website without copying .

NOTE : **** This course contains 100+ lectures , which will be updated in next few days , after updation the price will be $199****

**Till updation you can grab it for $99 only , only limited slots are there***

** This is the first icon inserting course which uses the simple techniques of HTML and CSS**

This course will teach you to use the in – built library of HTML to fetch the icons and edit them using CSS.

If you are a website designer , a blogger or any shopping cart or e-commerce website designer , then this course is designer for you.

While designing your websites , the icons we include play a very important role in our website.

Almost all the web designers are using adobe photoshop or adobe illustrator for designing and editing your icons.

But , in this course you will learn to insert all the icons for your website and blogs using HTML and CSS.

This is the latest technique for designing icons for your shopping carts or any customizable websites.

Advantages of this course….!!!

1) . All the icons inserted in this course are mobile responsive , but the icons edited in photoshop or any other tools are not responsive.

2) . The icons designed in this course will have no effect on the speed of your website , which means that the speed of loading will be fast as compared to other tools.

3) . You can create your icon on your own , without searching on google .

Pre-requisite for this course…!!!

1). A little knowledge of HTML and CSS is required , but not necessary , as this course is from scratch , it will teach you everything.

2). A text editor (Notepad++ / Notepad ) can be used but Dreamweaver is preferred.

Who can take this course..??

1). Customized website designers.

2) . E- commerce website designers.

3). Bloggers.

4). Beginners to the field of designing.

5). Freelancers.

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