Top 3 Legitimate Link Building Methods For Search Engine Success

It has been said over and over again that the most important part of search engine optimization is the link building. Links are like votes in the eyes of the search engines, that determine how popular a site is for any given keyword. So, for you to be able to rank for the keywords you want, and which you know your website’s content deserves, you need to do some serious link building.There are three simple methods of link building that can’t go out of style, mostly because they are all legitimate, beneficial and they just work. Here are those three methods:

1) Article submissions: Articles, like this one, have an ability not just to present interesting content to readers like you, but also to help the author build links to his website via the resource box at the end of the article. Articles get syndicated all over the internet and that helps get votes for the author’s website mentioned in the resource box.Link building with article submissions is a high quality method and should be pursued by anyone with a talent for writing, a desire to learn how to write or simply an urge to share some expertise with the rest of the world. There are certain guidelines that you need to make sure that you follow while writing article for submission in article directories, so make sure you see each article directory’s specific terms and conditions.

2) Press releasesPress releases are a similar method to article submissions, with one major difference – they are focused more on news, new products and current events, than on educational and informative content. In any case, links obtained from press releases are of great quality.

3) Blog commentingBlog commenting has been proven to be the source of the biggest amount of link spam online, but just because it’s such a simple concept. Regardless, for those who know how to contribute to a conversation, blog commenting is a perfect method for building links. By writing a thoughtful and on-topic comment, you have the ability to get a link back to your site with ease and great speed.Link building methods vary in effectiveness, ease and flexibility, but you should definitely mix things up a bit and combine more than one method in your link building strategy. these three methods laid out here are the best of the best and have been proven effective time after time. Just make sure you do it right and you will certainly reap the benefits of building links in such a way.

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