Top 10 SEO terms you must know as a blogger

Here is 11 SEO terms a blogger must know their meanings and how it works so as to improve their blog ranking on google. There are a lot of them but this is the once i found as a must know to a blogger so study them and apply to you blogs

SEO terms you must know as a blogger

  • Alternate Text (Alt text): This a HTML text that helps search engine crawler to understand the content of your image
  • Anchor Text: This is simply the text that appears on a link
  • Inbound Link: Inbound link is a hyperlink from an external website that directs a visitor to a URL on your website.
  • Internal Link: A hyperlink that links two URLs (pages or posts) on your own website.
  • Link Building: This is the process of finding and placing web links on external domains which point to URLs on your website. This helps in building domain authority and leads to higher search engine rankings

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  • Long Tail Keyword: A less common, and more specific keyword phrase that people search for. Long tail keywords are less competitive and easy to rank.
  • PageRank: This is a number from 0-10 that Google assigns to your website that shows how strong your website is compare to others.
  • Meta Descriptions: this is a description of a web page or a post normally between 160 characters or lest which shows the preview of what the page or post is about and attracts potential visitors to click on your result. This is very important.
  • SERPs / Search Engine Ranking Pages: This is the page containing the results data that search engines provide to users when a keyword is search.
  • Sitemap: A document that website owners create and submit to search engines so that all URLs on their site can be found.

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