How To Sell More Products At Live Events (Udemy 100% off)

How To Sell More Products At Live EventsLearn how to increase your sales and create your brand at live events

After setting up and tearing my stand at more than 1,000 live events, including art festivals or other merchandise stands I configured and torn, I have learned to sell products.

In this course you will learn practical tips and strategies that you can implement on your next live show, festival or event that I guarantee will help you increase sales.

Some creative ideas out of the box that I will share your thoughts and share your enthusiasm for the opportunities that you can take your next event.

I know from experience how important it is to hit your numbers and make sure you do not want to play the show or pay for a booth is a waste of time.

In this course you will learn the following strategies:

1) How to increase your sales by head

2) How to sell without being aggressive

3) How to group your products to move more articles

4) How to train volunteers to run your stand

5) Why drag your merchandise table is so important

6) How to accept credit cards without paying high terminal fees

Plus a ton more!

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