Creating User Authentication System in CodeIgniter [udemy 100% off]

Creating User Authentication System in CodeIgniter Complete User Authentication System in Codeigniter for every developer.

This course covers all the functionalities of the user management system. And it is best suited for developers who want to learn with the project on hands. This project covers basic concepts to advanced on working with the Codeigniter project.

This course (User Authentication System) is structured according to the themes. And it is easily understandable by anyone who has basic codeigniter knowledge.

In the user registration system, you will learn about

  • Activating the user account via e-mail
  • Remember submitted form data
  • Securing User Registration

In this section, you will learn more about the system for registering users and sending the account activation email. The user account will be activated when the user clicks on the validation link.

In the connection system, you will learn

  • Login with username
  • Securing the connection from SQL injection

In this section, you will discover the user login system using the user name and creative session and then the logout functionality.

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