Automate Blender with Python – Give Yourself Superpowers ($10 only)

automate blender python superpowersLearn how to use Python scripts to automate your 3D modeling. Including the use of fast C libraries and the manipulation of objects.


Note that this is an INTERMEDIATE LEVEL course.

Blender is a 3D modeling suite to the industry, with enormous automation potential using Python. Unfortunately the configuration, and writing Python code for the Blender script can be difficult.

This course allows you to easily program Blender with Python. In the end, you will have a professional work environment that will allow you to quickly iterate the Python code.

If you have never coded before, or you have no Blender experience then this course is not for you yet. Departure from one of our other beginner classes. If you have some coding experience, and something you want to automate in Blender this course is ideal for you.

Maybe you think it’s not worth the time and effort to automate, why not just pay someone or manually create what you want? Here are three main reasons that are worth your time.

Learn how Blender works behind the scenes.
Gain confidence in your Python code.
Create real-time automation that can not be done manually.

With over 120,000 happy students here on Udemy, and some of the highest ratings on the platform, we are confident that you will be happy with your investment.

Here are the steps you will learn to …

Run and reload the Python code in Blender.
Use fast C libraries like Pillow.
Duplicate and place 1000s of 3D objects.
Manipulate the data structures of Blender.
Change hardware, including nodes programmatically.

What could you create if you could automate anything in Blender?

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