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Have you ever wanted to create an animated mini-series but are frustrated with Youtube videos trying to figure out how?

I feel you. It can be extremely time consuming.

I created this course to save you time learning how to create a cut-out style animated mini-series with After Effects from a simple photoshop character. Imagine what your own art could do if it could move or say if it could speak.

In this course you will quickly learn more than these 9 aspects below.

  • Eyes – blinking and movement
  • Lip-Sync – mouth’s ability to react to replaceable audio tracks
  • Face – facial expressions (which still work with talking)
  • Hair – to be able to move in the wind and react with head movement
  • Legs – including ankle and foot articulation
  • Arms – with opening and closing hands
  • Secondary Clothing – a dress/skirt which moves with the underlying legs
  • Animate – set up a scene for a short animation including walking
  • Exporting – taking the project into Premier Pro to add in background music.

Learn the same methods used to create the 3-part mini-series Wicked Love found on YouTube with the exception of Trapcode Particular.

No After Effects experience necessary

Many of the Key Commands are displayed on-screen as the course goes along.

All the art is provided.

If you love to draw or paint digital art in Photoshop or even the Procreate app for iPad this course will teach you skills to take your own creative characters drawn in a layered fashion and bring them to life for use time and time again with the use of a couple extra tools which massively SaveTime.

I’ve included detailed notes (PDF files) you can print out to assist you. * Available as separate lessons or the entire notes as one. Simple code snippets I use are in there as well as the same values I type in as I walk you through the process.

Take a look at the previews to gain a more in-depth look on what this course offers. There is no risk, no questions, nor hard feelings if you want your money back for 30 days.

See you on the inside,



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